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It is no crime if Civil Servants are paid huge salaries within the legally prescribed salary scall of our country. Consequently, it is as well no big deal if their salaries are publicly published to the awareness of the citizenry. Dis country get freedom of information policy already.

A single citizen should be able to write and request for such info and request granted.

To this end, what should be at stake is whether their PERFORMANCE in those offices is worth what they are paid. In a sense, whether there is value for money.

In fact, our civil servants in Sierra Leone are one of the least paid compared to other places. In Ghana for instance, Civil Servants are paid special allowance besides their salaries called: NEUTRALITY BONUS.

This is in acknowledgement of their services for being neutral and staying away from Politics. They hold them in high esteem as their own national professionals. In essence, the neutrality allowance comes as a special motivation for their essential administrative national service.

Bot wi nar Salone, we don't motivate. Mek wi learn for be appreciative. Our civil servants are our professionals doing a great job in administering our country.

So the debate about their published salaries, should be centered of their PERFORMANCE and not the salaries they receive. Those salaries are constructed within our legal national scale payroll conditions.

So they have committed no crime for receiving those salaries. Doing the job in tandem with those salaries is what we should be talking about.

By Teddy Foday-Musa (TFM)

Sierra Leonean PHD Student

Accra Ghana

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