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Fmr Ghana Bar Association President explains how half-baked lawyers are killing people

Former President of the Ghana Bar Association (GBA), Mr Anthony Forson has said that training of lawyers in Ghana must be tightened in order to ensure that quality legal practitioners are produced.

He said the standard must be heightened as a way of ensuring that lawyers give their clients value for money when they hire their services.

Speaking in interview with TV3’s Johnnie Hughes on Thursday June 30, he explained that lawyers deal with the lives of people, their properties, marriages and other matters.

If they fail to put up good performance, leading to defeat in court, their clients, out of overthinking, lose their lives gradually, he said.

“Yes, there must be access to lawyers but relaxing the rules is absolutely no. In fact, the rules must be tightened because I always say that lawyers kill people every day but because the causal connection is not soo direct, people don’t see it.

“If a doctor treats you and he does not treat you well, you die straight away but if a lawyer makes you lose your family heirloom, makes you lose your company, all you do is to [wail within you], and all of a sudden die but the causal connection cannot be seen by people. Therefore, I feel the training must be tough.

“Lawyers deal with people’s lives , people’s marriages, people’s properties and people’s companies. So the training must not be tapered down but I believe that somehow the Law School must be innovative enough and open more campuses,” Mr Forson said when he was asked for his view on legal education in Ghana.

By Laud Nartey

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