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Ghana captain Andre Ayew welcomes Black Stars' new attacker Inaki Williams

Ghana captain Andre Ayew has welcomed Spain-based Inaki Williams to the Black Stars following confirmation that he has decided to represent Ghana.

The Atletico Madrid forward on Tuesday, July 5, 2022, announced through a video post on his Twitter page that he has decided to play for the Black Stars.

"Every step we take forward has its own meaning. An evolution. A glance into the future which leaves a trace itself. A legacy. My parents have raised me with values based on humility, respect and love.

"They have taught me to embrace life. In that constant quest to continue growing and working upon the pursuit of evolving personally and professionally as an individual."

"That's why I feel the moment has come for me to find my origins within myself and with Africa and Ghana which means so much to me and my family. I want to return a small part of everything it has given to us because Ghana has played a significant part of becoming who I am as a person, as a son and as a brother.

"Today a new challenge begins. From now on, I will defend Ghana's T-shirt with all my will whilst I give my best. I'm one of the Black Stars,” Inaki Williams said in a video.

Reacting to a post on the Twitter page of Inaki Williams, Andre Ayew said, “Welcome home brother.”

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