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Mohamed Salah’s Career Being Taught in Egyptian Schools

Egyptian international footballer, Mohamed Salah’s life has been added to the national curriculum in Egypt in the hope that it will ‘spur on students to greater things. Notably, there will be lessons on Salah’s incredible football career for both primary and secondary schools (in English-language textbooks) across the country.

“Salah’s desire to help others is because he wants to give young people a chance to succeed. He is a model for millions of Egyptians who give him the nickname “maker of happiness” “, mentions a high school book.

Apart from all the goals and assists Salah has scored, he has been instrumental in improving the quality of life in his country, especially Nagrig (his birthplace).

He has played a key role in funding various projects, which includes the development of new girls’ school, a water treatment center and an ambulance unit.

The football star has often been seen taking part in various charity and donation drives for orphans and everyone in need.

The journey of a boy from a small town in Egypt to playing for one of the biggest clubs in England & further becoming one of the best footballers in world, journey of Salah will surely inspire so many young kids who will learn about him in schools across the country.

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